The single mattress and double mattresses

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Depending on their size mattresses are divided into a single mattress and double mattress. The first – have standard sizes for single beds. As for a double mattress, it is usually acquired, based on the overall dimensions of the bed. In addition be sure to determine the length of the mattress, which must come from the growth of the person who will sleep on it (add to this figure 20 cm) and the weight category of sleeping. As a temporary bed can serve a single air mattress, it is very convenient.

Double mattresses are designed for the couple, and it means that you have to take into account the physiological characteristics of your partner when choosing a product. If the difference between the mass of the body is not more than 40 kg, it will suit any model. Single and double mattresses have a variety of filler materials, on which depends the rigidity and softness of this, and, of course, the life.

single mattress tempurpedic

The super single mattress made of natural latex is usually resistant to all sorts of influences, and they maintain a constant temperature, flexible and most importantly – it is a hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly. They are especially recommended for people who have problems with the musculoskeletal system. Latex – this is the best filler mattresses for children.

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