king size classicpedic deluxe memory foam mattress with outlast

How to choose a good king size memory foam mattress

There are many choices of king size memory foam mattresses at the market, so to get most appropriate one? Choosing a mattress takes much efforts and time, for there are so many new memory foam king size mattresses. From the first glance one memory foam king mattress looks exactly like the other, but they are not of the same quality. When you search for a king size foam mattress, consider […]

air beds double size

Comfortable air beds – the cheapest comfortable decision for your best rest

Shopping for soft and comfortable air beds is the cheapest variant to get a functional enjoyable bed for your house. An air mattress bed provides the full support of your body, giving it relaxation and peaceful rest while sleeping. Those who have such a stunning unit at home may stop worrying if there is no place for their guests to sleep. Intex air mattress beds available at Walmart discounter are […]

cheap mattress sets online

How to get a cheap queen mattress?

An average price for a cheap queen mattress is $600- $700. There are luxury models (Tempur Pedic, Serta which cost times more. On the other hand, cheap queen mattresses at American Freight can be found for $150 – $250. NordicRest, Carlton Place, Simmons and Dream Sleep cheap queen mattress sets do not differ much from the famous brands mattresses by quality. Walmart discounter always has got a nice choice of […]

futon mattress target

A comfortable futon mattress as a full bed

Any futon mattress can serve as a comfortable couch and a separate bed. Thanks to their low price futon mattresses has become popular among students and people renting unfurnished apartments. A cheap futon mattress is an ideal choice to organize a nice place for a careless sleeping if you live in a small studio. Unfold it at night and have a good rest, and take it simply away during the […]

mattress with bamboo

Why the bamboo mattress has so many advantages

Bamboo mattress is very popular among many other types of mattresses. The point is that such mattresses are manufactured from the core of bamboo tree. The soft core is processed, whereby we obtain a material which has similar qualities as the rayon. The difference lies in the fact that bamboo is hypoallergenic kind of filler. Due to its properties, the mattresses with this filler are able to serve its owner […]

crib mattress quilt size

What you need to know buying a crib mattress

There are a lot of types of crib mattress: foam, spring, made of natural materials, anti-allergic or combined. In fact, the kind of mattress is not so crucial. The main thing is that it must solid, with no signs of wear, crib mattress size must match the size of the crib and it shouldn’t fall under the weight of your child. Therefore, if you are offered with a used mattress, […]

bed toppers tempurpedic

Bed toppers types – which is the best one?

Bed toppers can be used if you already have a mattress, but want to add your rest more comfort. Comparing the mattress pads and toppers, you can choose your best mattress topper. Memory foam, feather, fiber, latex and wools units for bed topping were compared. Fifteen features of the units were compared, and the result is as follows. Memory foam and fiber units became the best mattress toppers in this […]

single mattress width

The single mattress and double mattresses

Depending on their size mattresses are divided into a single mattress and double mattress. The first – have standard sizes for single beds. As for a double mattress, it is usually acquired, based on the overall dimensions of the bed. In addition be sure to determine the length of the mattress, which must come from the growth of the person who will sleep on it (add to this figure 20 […]

ikea mattress event

IKEA mattress for comfortable rest and conversation

When you are looking for an extra thin stuff for your sofa or a mattress for conversation, choose a stylish, european style looking IKEA mattress. It combines everything which you wait from a memory foam mattress, but first of all – it is times cheaper than the other popular brands models. Any futon mattress by IKEA is stunning. Cheap, available at the official site of the company, heaving a good […]

cheap mattresses twin

How to shop for cheap mattresses

Shooping for the cheap mattresses turns into a pleasant and easy sparetime and even fun, when you know how to do it right. If you follow these simple steps,in a short time you will be an owner of a high quality unit for the less possible price. First pick up the unit type. Innerspring or memory foam? – these are the most popular types of units for sleeping. Memory foam […]