how to choose the right mattress for your body

How to choose a mattress of your dream?

As you spend in bed almost 33% of your life, the question “How to choose a mattress?” does not seem strange or naive. Your bed should be enough good not to spoil one third of your life, and fill it with the best hours of relaxation. The process of choosing a mattress should be very accurate, especially when you have some problems with back and neck pains, circulation of blood […]

aireloom mattress sizes

How to choose the right aireloom mattress

The qualitative aireloom mattress will be useful both avid hikers as well as fans to lie down with the comfort on the beach. In the urban apartments and cottages it will quickly arrange a guest bed, and then also fast it will go away in a closet. How to choose the right mattress on the market? In modern inflatable mattresses are used an orthopedic technology. For example, thanks to the […]

coleman air mattress quickpump

Organize a comfortable bed in a minute – Coleman air mattress

If you love spending week-ends travelling and camping, a Coleman air mattress will become your comfortable bed for these days. You won’t suffer from any inconveniences and cold when sleeping on a large Coleman queen air mattress. It is thick and wide. Available today at Walmart discounter for only $80, this unit is marked 5 points from 5 possible. The built-in pump can inflate Coleman mattress within one minute, and […]

therapedic mattress quantum

Therapedic mattress will return comfortable rest to your life

Hurry up to change your bedding if you forgot what is a real rest – Therapedic mattress will return you the best relaxing nights you probably did not have before. The company has been providing market with the best stuff referring to therapeutic mattresses. It means using this most comfortable mattress you will not experience pains in back and in neck. You will forget what is to feel there is […]

bunk bed mattress target

The advantages of the orthopedic bunk bed mattresses

First of all, you must remember that pillowtop bunk bed mattresses are the most durable and contained within the individual metal springs, which are clearly fix the position of your body and straighten the spine, giving your back at the same time a good rest. Also, you should not be afraid of hard mattresses, they tend to be the most useful, especially for diseases of the spine. And do not […]

best mattress for back pain reviews

The criteria for choosing of the best mattress for back pain

How to select the best mattress for back pain? Nowadays, people even more often ask themselves this question. The life of most people today is very inactive therefore osteochondrosis scoliosis, herniated discs, sciatica, inflammation and tumor are spreading very actively. So it is needfull to buy the right mattress for back pain to feel healthier. Since childhood we have to sit for five hours or more at the school. So […]

non toxic waterproof crib mattress pad

What are the differences between non toxic mattress and toxic one?

At first we must about the non toxic mattress because not everyone understands what it is. Commonly, the mattress that we take for sleeping consists of polyurethane foam, which is considered biodegradable material. Nevertheless virtually it is a plastic material that is derived from the fossil fuels. To confect such a material was used various chemical reactions aimed at basic chemicals: isocyanate and polyol. Isocyanates contain elements which are carcinogens […]

night therapy 4 inch memory foam mattress topper king

How to choose a good 4 inch memory foam mattress topper

How to choose a good 4 inch memory foam mattress topper, when there are so many options for them? This can be a daunting and confusing task given the appearance on the market of new mattresses with a memory foam – from obscure that offer online stores and ending with giants like a Serta, Sealy and Tempur-Pedic. Originally made of polyurethane foam intended to relieve the impact of congestion experienced […]

spa sensations memory foam mattress ild

Budget Spa Sensations memory foam mattress and luxury Simmons Beautyrest bedding

Spa Sensations memory foam mattress belongs to the popular budget brands units available at Walmart discounter. This is one of the cheapest bedding son sale. In spite of its low price, Spa Sensations mattress show the quality which can compete with the quality of the leading brands mattresses. Not each customer can spend a pretty good sum of money for getting a Tempur Pedic or Sealy memory foam unit. However, […]

visco elastic memory foam mattress topper queen

What advantages does Visco elastic memory foam have?

Visco elastic memory foam is made from special material, which conforms to the shape of our body. With the help of special additives it possesses a unique quality, the so-called “the effect of the memory”. This material reacts on the temperature and pressure. When you lie on it, the mattress doesn’t oppose to your weight. Herewith you won’t fall down in the mattress. When you are up, the material will […]