waterproof quilted mattress protector king size

A waterproof mattress will last longer

The waterproof mattress serves times more than an unprotected bedding. Number of unexpected accidents may happen when you are in bed. The typical and most often are spilled tea, coffee, drinks, food. Every day you sweat even if you sleep comfortably, and with time your bedding without a waterproof mattress cover becomes dirty, absorbs unpleasant odors and no more looks nice. That is why it is recommended to buy a […]

mattress warehouse clearance center

Saving on shopping at mattress clearance stores

If you find a good a mattress clearance, you will save 50% on your bedding purchase. There are various ways to pay less for the same unit when shopping. The first method is visiting local stores – Target, Walmart discounter, Sears and Costco. However, the majority of the advertised clearance are mostly available at online stores. Big Lots mattresses offers will let you pay 30- 50% less than you would […]

full size mattress clearance

Good quality full size mattress

Double or full size mattress can be used either for a single person or for a couple. It may be offered for guests who stay at your house for a night. The standart american full size mattress size is 54″ x 75 “. The full mattress sets offered online contain the mattress and foundation. Various full size mattress sets at Walmart and Sam’s Club may be bought for less than […]

full mattress with frame

Full mattress – a universal size bed place for a single or couple

All mattresses can be referred to the following types: twin, twin-XL, full mattress, queen, king and California-King mattress. The full mattress size is 39 inches over 80 inches. it occupies a “middle” place between the biggest king size (76″ x 80″) and twin (39″ x 75″) mattresses. Before full mattresses were used for two adults. With time, when the apartments sizes started to grow, a single person uses this type […]

englander mattress sale

Characteristics of a Englander mattress

Englander mattress history, which started more than 120 years ago, has seen a lot of Englander mattresses designs and various styles. The company developed Box Couch Bed, Red-Line Boxspring and Red Cross line, various technologies – Sleep Synergy, Tension Ease, Visco system and other innovations. Recently the company introduced Life Style line. The mattresses from this line combine memory foam and coils. The Englander mattress reviews show that customers are […]

bassinet mattress recommendations

From a first bassinet mattress to a luxury bed from Chattam and Wells

Imagine for a minute this fact: one third of our life is connected with a mattress, and bassinet mattress is our first bedding. Nobody will argue it is better for each one to start life on a comfortable bed. The body should rest well at night. The’right’ mattress chosen from the very beginning will prevent spine problems, back and neck pains and help to regulate blood pressure. Choose a Colgate […]

organic mattress raleigh

What is an organic mattress?

Organic mattress from latex is obtained from the rubber tree. Verily organic latex rubber is extracted from the juice of rubber trees called Brasiliensis (family of rubber trees), which grows near the equator. Juice from these trees can be harvested pending 180 days a year, because Hevea restored in an hour. But most so-called organic mattresses actually contain a mixture of natural rubber and compositive latex, which may give off […]

sofa bed mattress queen

Any sofa bed mattress can be replaced

A sofa bed combines the functions of a sofa and sleeping bed, and sofa bed mattress should fit its framework. There are three sofa bed mattresses sizes on the modern market today – queen (the largest), full (middle sized) and twin (the narrow one). So if you think about a sofa bed mattress replacement you should know the exact dimensions of your sofa mattress. Queen size unit is 60″ x […]

adjustable mattress rooms to go

How to choose the adjustable mattress

The modern bedding market offers a huge range of the adjustable mattress with the varying degrees of rigidity and price category. So which mattress to choose and on what is necessary to focus when you are ready to make a purchase? First of all it is important to consider when choosing your physiological and age characteristics, as well as personal preferences. It also is important to correctly determine the size […]

camping mattress r value

Which camping mattress is better?

Which camping mattress is the best among the units available today? Which one will give you the best protection from moisture and cold? Is air camping mattress better or worse than a foam camping mattress? Both camper mattresses have their advantages and minuses. The first place was given to a foam memory Therm-a-rest NeoAir Dream. It is very comfortable, has a soft top made from memory foam and very warm. […]