rv electric mattress pad

How to choose the RV mattress

It seems that choosing the RV mattress is easy because many models now offering and shops, and sellers are always ready to help for decide the desired option of products. But even for you need to know about what are the mattresses. The sleep has a direct impact on health. And if a person is not fully relax, it will lead to the development of disease and stress. Often people […]

stearns and foster mattress names

A little bit about the Stearns and Foster mattress

In 1846, the Union of genius George Stearns and Seth Foster gave birth for a new “unique” line of Stearns and Foster mattress, which can satisfy even the most sophisticated audience. From that moment, the brand Stearns & Foster took a well-deserved place among the renowned manufacturers of luxury goods. The Stearns and Foster mattresses is an absolute masterpiece of the line products for sleep. Through a combination of the […]

twin xl mattress sale

Twin XL mattress plus twin XL mattress equals a new king size bed

A standard twin XL mattress dimensions are 39 inches in width and 80 inches in length, which is 5 inches longer than a usual twin mattress has. An XL twin mattress is popular among families with a tall teenager or young single people, men as a rule. As this unit is pretty cheap, it is affordable for a budget of a student or a person who starts his separate life. […]

twin mattress topper

Where can you use a twin mattress?

Your mattress should be longer and wider than the space you take when sleeping and a twin mattress size – 39″ x 75″ is enough usually for one person. Twin size mattress is called “single” as well as it foresees one person will use it. Twin mattresses are good for young tall people, child. Twin bed mattresses are recommended for trundles. Mattress twin (single) differs from a double mattress in […]

cotton quilted mattress pad

Latex, wool or cotton mattress?

Choosing bedding for the better sleep and rest with comfort you have to decide which type of a mattress you will use – memory foam, wool, latex, or cotton mattress. Each of these units has its pros and cons. Wool unit choice is cool when you have some back problems. Such mattress is natural, warm and eco-friendly. However, suffering from allergies people can’t be recommended this stuff, giving preference to […]

air mattress electric pump

An air mattress for travelling and bedrooms usage

Any air mattress is an inflatable unit for sleeping usually serving like a temporary bed for guests, for travelling and resting on the sea. Air mattresses can float on the water, that is why they are often used at resorts. You can buy a large queen size Intex best air mattress, inflate it via air mattress pump, and in a minute your stuff will be ready to provide you with […]

cooling mattress pad waterproof

Improving your sleeping quality with a cooling mattress pad

A cooling mattress pad is designed to reduce the heat which you may feel when sleeping on the mattress. Each type of mattress is felt differently when you sleep on it. Comparing various types of mattresses it was found innerspring and memory foam units are felt hotter for sleeping than futon stuff, for example. For the purpose of making your night rest comfortable as it should be, a cool mattress […]

best mattress for kids

The best mattress for your awesome rest

Looking for the best mattress for your home, take a decision which kind of the stuff you want. The best mattresses reviews and comparison of mattresses types showed the following. Memory foam and latex units won popularity among the best mattresses rated by the customers. The survey showed – among best firm mattress models there are IKEA units. IKEA also deals with the best mattress for the money. Bed in […]

box spring queen cover

Why do we choose a box spring for mattress?

A typical box spring consists of a sturdy frame usually made from wood, contains innersprings and covered with soft cloth upholstery. Box springs have become popular as they help to raise the height of your bed mattress and support it well. Mattress and box spring together create a very durable and firm construction and sturdy bed. Mattress box spring is called foundation as well, although they differ a bit. Foundation […]

inflatable mattress edinburgh

Making the inflatable mattress life longer

An inflatable mattress can be used not for the camping only or for floating on the water surface when you rest. It can become a perfect bed for your guest and even guests. Depending on inflatable mattresses sizes, you can place for a night or more your friend, a couple or even a family with a kid. This kind of bedding is not as durable as foam or airspring mattresses, […]