used mattress stores

How to find the best used mattress deal

Sometimes we do not have enough money to pay for a brand new stuff, but you always have the way out – getting a good used mattress. You should not be scared by the word “used”. Very often, and we affirm you – in most cases people take a decision to change their bed, or simply move out of the city. In these cases, they offer their used mattresses and […]

mattress topper queen bed

Mattress topper types: choose the best for your needs

Mattress topper is an element that perfectly complements any mattress, either and old worn out one, or a new and modern. It features cushioning and enhanced support. Mattress toppers can be of various types, for example featherbed mattress topper or memory mattress topper. Any type deserves decent attention; everything depends on customer’s needs. There are some sites you may consult to some information about basic characterisctics; you may also read […]

best type of mattress for side sleepers

Choosing the best mattress for side sleepers

Healthy sleep is very important, and if you are among those who prefer sleeping on side, you should remember what is the best mattress for side sleepers must be. Good for you sleep mattress should never be firm! Firm units will give your hips and shoulders pain. Never use a thick pillow – your neck will feel bad. In some cases it is better to use Sleepy mattress only, than […]

8 inch vista memory foam queen mattress

Comfortable rest on a 3 inch memory foam mattress topper

If your comfortable night rest is important for you, if you want to get up every morning refreshed, we recommend you to get a 3 inch memory foam mattress topper. At Overstock you will find hundreds of profitable deals. The store sells ventilated 3 memory foam mattress toppers and 2 memory foam mattress toppers. Serta and Slumber Solutions are very popular. Amazon and Ebay marketplaces have a huge choice of […]

blow up mattress with pump

An indispensable blow up mattress

The blow up mattress is an indispensable thing. It can be used for a summer holiday in the nature, for swimming, or just sleep on it. If you want to buy a really good air mattress, then you should not look a cheap models. Because due to low price, usually hidden the same low quality. There will be better to take a look at this more closely, and do not […]

foam mattress pad twin

A thin foam mattress pad to add comfort to your night rest

A foam mattress pad is designed to provide your body the better comfort it can have using only a mattress. The main complain of the memory foam and latex mattresses is their bed is too hot. If you get rid of this minus the bedding made from a foam will be almost perfect. A mattress foram pad makes your bed cooler, providing the better air circulation. Another task of a […]

custom size mattress topper

When do you need a custom mattress?

It is not a must everybody should “fit” a standard bed size, so there is a way out of this situation – to get a custom mattress. A custom size mattress may be ordered at Create a Mattress site. Just give the exact measurements of your unit, and the company specialists will start working at your order. Custom mattresses up to 76 inches in width and 84 inches in length […]

good mattress for elderly

What is a good mattress for you?

Each person sees a good mattress in his own way. The older generation is nostalgic for feather mattresses. If you do not have any allergy, this soft bed can be bought for cheap at Macy’s. Pacific Coast unit may be yours for less than $100 today. A feather mattress is felt cooler than a memory foam bed, cheaper, but does not last so long.Taking care about this bed is also […]

three mattresses isoltad on white background

When you should choose an innerspring mattress?

Choosing between an innerspring mattress and a memory foam unit, you should buy the first one in the following cases. 1. Buy an innerspring mattress if you sweat much – memory foam bedding is not as cool as an innerspring mattress. 2. In case you move often and get up at night – it is easier to do it when you have such a bed. 3. If you can confess […]

extra long twin down mattress topper

Who needs an extra long twin mattress?

An extra long twin mattress is called Twin-XL. It is five inches longer than a standard unit of a twin size. As a twin mattress is called a single bed often, does it mean a twin extra long mattress can be called an extra-long single? Definitely, yes. It means its size – 39 inches in width and 80 inches in length is enough for one, but a very tall person. […]