Mattress and More

Mattress and More and other great american mattress dealers

Each customer is looking for the best place to buy his perfect bed, and Mattress and More is the #1 store in Kentucky.The company offers the prices which you won’t find in any other place. Making an order, you get a free delivery of the unit to your doors (the same day you buy mattress) and good guarantee terms. The company mostly specializes on Sealy sales, but offers Tempur-pedic, Optimum, […]

air mattress for less

Which retailers can offer you a mattress for less?

Everybody who is looking for a new bed, will be happy to get a good quality mattress for less. If you shop in your local retailers, you will not manage saving the money you can save on shopping at a mattress outlet or factory. However, Mattress Giant – the American company of retailing and the largest company in Houston ( Texas ) offers the bed stuff for cheaper. Memory foam […]

quality mattress warehouse

Why it is so advantageous to buy in mattress warehouse

Visiting a mattress warehouse is always a good choice. Especially if you want to get a new mattress for your home. This way you can be confident that you may find a great product. Usually people are interested in mattresses in two cases: buying bed and, of course, other bedding along with it or when waking up in the morning and understanding that you feel the back pain. So it […]

memory foam mattress topper queen reviews

How can a memory foam mattress topper help?

A memory foam mattress topper provides the better cushioning and extra comfort to the bed owner. Memory foam toppers are offered in various sizes, forms and thickness. Maybe it seems strange to buy a memory foam bed topper when you have a good mattress, but it is easy to explain. After years of usage mattress becomes uncomfortable bringing discomfort for its owner. If you feel you need to change a […]

memory foam mattress queen 10 inch

Pluses and minuses of a memory foam mattress

Among all existing types of mattresses a memory foam mattress is considered to be the best. Basing on surveys and foam mattress reviews, researches came to conclusion that this bedding is the most desirable among other units. The memory foam mattress consumer report informs about 86% of users satisfaction with the product. The highest marks (A) were given to a foam mattress isolation of motion and no noise. Like “good” […]

memory foam pillow top

Memory foam pillow or pillow top mattress?

Memory foam pillow is considered to be better than pillowtop mattress according to the numerous reviews. The reason is that memory foam doesn’t sag so fast and have the original shape much better in comparison with traditional or twin pillow top mattress. Also, memory foam pillows have a firm bottom layer and very comfortable upper layer. If you choose the best memory foam pillow it will work best for your […]

mattress outlet nyc

Shooping smart at mattress outlets

A very effective “scheme” of getting a mattress for cheap is shopping at mattress outlets. To find a cheaper product for your night rest just open your browser and find the closest to your house mattress outlet. Even if you find the information this store has the stuff you need, make a list of 5-6 furniture stores and mattress factory outlets where you can drive to test mattresses personally. Nobody […]

mattress los angeles cheap

The best mattress Los Angeles

If you are considering buying a latex mattress Los Angeles, but are not sure until the end, if it suits you, then you can start by considering the pros and cons of latex mattresses. This type of mattress has one of the highest levels of customer satisfaction, but still they come not for everyone. As is the case with any product, there are both attractive and repulsive features which should […]

mattress experts usa

The dignity of latex mattress USA

The mattress USA where you sleep is very important. After all, in a drtam we spend a lot of timt, and on how this period passes, determine our well-being. More recently, the latex was used only as a filler for a spring Restonic mattress. Today it is not uncommon mattresses, which are made entirely of latex. The synthetic latex mattress has a smell, and you need to regularly ventilate the […]

mattress for baby to sleep in bed

How to Pick the Best Baby Mattress

Choosing the best baby mattress, young parents do not always know what properties of a sleeping place are the main ones. First of all a mattress for a small child should be moderately tough and resilient. It is equally important to select the model that is made only from the environmentally friendly materials. There are models in which, for example, padding polyester combined with natural materials. Nevertheless it is better […]