kingsdown mattress weight

The multifunctional Kingsdown mattresses

The Kingsdown mattresses are very popular among the wealthy people. The most expensive products of this brand are quite expensive. However, in the line of the brand, there are also much more affordable solutions. All mattresses from this leader are picked by hand. Their main distinctive qualities: The layering and height (at 30 cm and above); An exclusive fabrics and embroidery by which these mattresses are often called works of […]

10 inch queen futon mattress cover

A futon mattress cover may change your home look

The main problem of any futon mattress cover is it can be easily stained or damaged. As futons are universal units for sitting, conversation, watching TV during the day time, and sleeping at night, futon mattress covers are often torn and dirty. Your futon does not look nice any more and spoils your house image. Not to let such a confusion happen – do not wait till the cover becomes […]

shifman mattress weight

Sweet dreams mattress – is different for everyone!

Choosing a mattress you pursue a particular purpose, looking for luxury you choose Shifman mattress. Its collections feature an unparalleled beauty, style and scrupulous craftsmanship. These mattresses are characterized by exceptionally correct firmness and level of comfort. Shifman mattresses are rightly considered to be luxurious comfort. Looking for instant convenience you choose roll up mattress. This is absolutely practical and ergonomic mattress that you can rely on in any situation. […]

mattress pad for platform bed

Choosing beds mattresses for regular and trundle beds

Shopping for the best beds mattresses, you should decide WHICH kind of bed mattress you need. If you wish to buy a trundle bed, be aware that bed mattress is never thick, as the lower bed which “hides” under the “main” upper bed is very close to the floor. That is why the mattress for platform bed is smaller in size. It is not recommended for elderly people using these […]

best king size memory foam mattress topper

How to Choose the Best King-Size Mattress

Searching for the best king size mattress is an important and time-consuming effort. Before making the final decision you have to compare all different types and brands. It is also very important to know the main features to pay attention to while choosing king size bed mattress. If you are choosing the king bed mattress in a local store you can test its comfort and quality in reality. You are […]

waterbed mattress treatment

An exotic waterbed mattress

The waterbed mattress is a PVC cover, which is filled with water or a special liquid based on water. Its advantages are obvious. It is suitable for people with diseases of the spine, allows pregnant women to sleep with the greatest comfort, is also recommended for insomnia. Virtually all water mattress are equipped with the heating function, providing through this dry heat for people with arthritis, rheumatism, muscle aches and […]

best place to buy a mattress for cheap

The best place to buy a mattress – smart online shopping

Nobody will argue that the best place to buy a mattress is shopping for the unit online. Our mattress buying guide will help you to choose which memory foam mattress to buy better. But first decide what is the best mattress to buy exactly for you. If you are slim, it almost does not matter which type fits you more than another. If your weight is enough not to let […]

wholesale mattress encasements

Wholesale Mattress units for less money

American Wholesale Mattress offers the best Tempur Pedic units for manufacturer prices. These wholesale mattresses are adjustable, which gives the user awesome benefits for health. The mattresses for sale by Tempur Pedic can elevate your feet and your head. These functions eliminate snoring and help people with acid reflux and reduces back pains. These mattress wholesale units are perfect for bedding and for curing some health problems. For instance persons […]

symbol mattress quality

Symbol Mattress for permanent use and Intex stuff – for guests

One of the fourth largest and best US companies making mattresses is a Symbol Mattress company. It manufactures awesome mattresses which are infused only with natural stuff and eco-friendly topper. Bamboo, soy based foam core, latex materials are used to make these stunning mattresses. Most of Symbol Mattress reviews are positive, and it is not easy to find the disadvantages of the company products. Maybe it is connected with the […]

folding mattress tesco

So many functions of a folding mattress

Folding mattress referres to a futon type of mattresses, which can be used as a bed mattress or as a couch. A foldable mattress can be easily moved from one room to another and used as a comfortable place for conversations. A tri fold mattress is cool for being used while camping (like a resting chair or bed), lounging over your house (it is lightweight) and using as a standard […]