gel foam rv mattress

An antiacarian gel foam mattress

Today in the market of the gel foam mattress are offers a huge range that is able to meet the demands and needs of any person. Here we will talk about one of the newest developments of producers – the gel anti-bedsore mattresses. Among the huge range you to find the cellular and balloon products with the various fillers and laser perforation system that ensures the good ventilation in the […]

cheap memory foam mattress double

The cheapest discount mattresses online

Most of the cheapest discount mattresses may be found at American Freight store. Discounted mattresses prices for the units ordered at this site, start from $99! For this price you will buy a twin discount mattress from Elegance Collection. King and queen discount mattress sets will cost you $149. These prices are lower than in other mattress discounters. However, the brands of discount memory foam mattresses are not so popular […]

queen futon and mattress

A large and comfortable queen size futon mattress

The queen size futon mattress is called the traditional Japanese mattress made of cotton, which the Japanese spreading out on the floor at night and removed in the morning. The majority of ordinary Japanese in the 13th century were forced to sleep on mats of straw. Those who are richer asleep on the tatami. They, too, could not be called soft and comfortable. Cotton and stuffed with soft wool and […]

luxury mattress enhancer

An ideal luxury mattress

Everyone who decided to buy a luxury mattress, that wants to make sure, that the purchase will justify itself. That its rest will be even more comfortable, and health will improve. For clarity, we give below some details of production. They will help you to ensure the uniqueness of luxury mattresses: In the manufacture of this using only natural materials. All the excipients comply with international quality standard and fabrics (silk, […]

top rated mattress encasements

Comparing top rated mattresses

Choosing a right mattress in one of the most difficult tasks, but if you know what the top rated mattresses are, your choice becomes easy. Specialists made a list of best rated mattresses, basing on combination of a user satisfaction, product price, lifespan and comfort it gives you. Comparison of top mattresses looks approximately as follows. Let us take a Bed in Box Tranquility best rated mattress and Sealy Posturepedic, […]

best memory foam mattresses for side sleepers

What are the best memory foam mattresses?

Among all best memory foam mattresses, rated by customers and specialists, Bed in a Box representative is on the first place. It was called the best memory foam mattress due to combination of various features. The owner average satisfaction (86% from 100%), acceptable price (starts from $ 500), 20 years warranty and pretty good density (3 lbs/ ft) all together put the unit on the first place. Those who are […]

mattress world chicago

How to choose the mattress Chicago

The modern mattress Chicago is divided into spring and springless. The main difference of springless – the smallest elasticity. These mattresses are chosen by people who do not like the effect of the springs. Lack of spring unit makes feeling incomparable with those which are tested on mattresses with spring. There are good models among both species, however, the largest selection for mattresses of medium hardness – among the spring […]

memory foam mattress information

Why choosing a cheap memory foam mattress?

When you are making a final choice between types of mattresses and hesitate which one is to pick up, we recommend you to stop at a cheap memory foam mattress. This unit has a low price and fits any person. It does not matter if you are a very slim person, or a big one, if you are a side sleeper or prefer laying on your back. Cheap foam mattress […]

firm mattress benefits

Who need the firm mattress

Manufacturers of customer care, and knowing about office life, they offer endless options of the firm mattress, which were a preventive measure to prevent disease or alleviate the symptoms of back that is already there. That is why more people are prescribed by a doctor or on its own initiative come to what they have to sleep on a firm mattress, or at least moderate stringency. But to buy the […]

queen mattress encasement

A queen mattress – are its dimensions always the same?

When you say “queen mattress“, it does not always mean a unit with 60″ x 80” measurements. Yes, the standard dimensions of a queen bed mattress are exactly the same. This type of a bed is the most popular on the modern market. There are several reasons of a mattress queen popularity. The first one – is its universal size. The unit dimensions are enough to provide a comfortable rest […]