What is an organic mattress?

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Organic mattress from latex is obtained from the rubber tree. Verily organic latex rubber is extracted from the juice of rubber trees called Brasiliensis (family of rubber trees), which grows near the equator. Juice from these trees can be harvested pending 180 days a year, because Hevea restored in an hour. But most so-called organic mattresses actually contain a mixture of natural rubber and compositive latex, which may give off noxious evaporation and cause allergic responses. So do not allow sellers to confuse you.

The situation becomes even more confusing … some vendors may claim that some eco-friendly mattress is made of 100% natural latex. But often there something else is mixed. True eco mattresses are hypoallergenic and keep warm in winter and cooling in summer. Natural mattress does not afraid of mold and different other microorganisms

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In addition many natural mattresses are marked with a green icon certification. Also such mattresses absorb body evaporation and sweat well, while not irritating the skin. Its foam hugs all the body, taking its contours, namely latex mattresses used with the medical and orthopedic purposes. The organic mattress differs extraordinary strength and can serve you more than 25 years. So look at true organic mattress reviews and choose one for you.

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