Who needs an extra long twin mattress?

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An extra long twin mattress is called Twin-XL. It is five inches longer than a standard unit of a twin size. As a twin mattress is called a single bed often, does it mean a twin extra long mattress can be called an extra-long single? Definitely, yes. It means its size – 39 inches in width and 80 inches in length is enough for one, but a very tall person.

If you are looking for a bed for a couple (especially if you are tall) it is better to stop at a king bed. If you look at the sizes table of mattresses, you will see – a king bed size equals a double XL bed. When you choose your bed, take into account not only the unit dimensions. If you have problems with your back, or your weight is higher than the average weight of a person, avoid soft mattresses even if you love the gentle touch of this bedding. Those who seriously suffer from back aches, should buy a firm, or better an extra firm mattress. Although this sleeping place is not comfortable for the side sleepers, bringing discomfort, you have to purchase this item.

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Try to sleep on your back – in a short time you will feel the pains will be reduced. And it time the majority of back problems will “dissolve”. A firm bed is a perfect support for your back. Buying a mattress for infants, also order a firm bed. It will help to escape dozens of serious and even fatal accidents, connected with breathing.

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