What you need to know buying a crib mattress

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There are a lot of types of crib mattress: foam, spring, made of natural materials, anti-allergic or combined. In fact, the kind of mattress is not so crucial. The main thing is that it must solid, with no signs of wear, crib mattress size must match the size of the crib and it shouldn’t fall under the weight of your child. Therefore, if you are offered with a used mattress, and you do not know who and how use it before, it is better to buy a new one. In such case you can look at crib mattress reviews before buying it.

So what is the best crib mattress? Typically, foam mattresses are the cheapest ones. For comfortable sleeping of your baby it is better to buy such crib mattresses with a minimum thickness of 8-10 cm. Spring mattresses consist of a spring base, covered with a layer of foam.

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But for little babies it is better to buy mattresses made of natural materials. Such mattresses usually are produced from coconut fibers with latex coated waterproof. They have soft cotton covers. This is a good choice if you do not want your child to sleep on synthetic materials. This mattress serves long, as well holds its shape. You can pick one of such Colgate crib mattress and be satisfied with your choice.

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