Mattress comparison – which one is the leader?

Mattress comparison – which one is the leader? 5.00/5 (100.00%) 2 votes

The mattress comparison drawn between different types of these units has shown the following results. Mattress comparisons included comparing satisfaction of the user with the unit, price, comfort to sleep in various positions, availability and other characteristics. Bed in a Box representative leads in a mattress comparison chart. 86 users from 100 are fully satisfied with it.

Bob-O-Pedic, Comfort Dreams and IKEA units are also on the top lines of a memory foam mattress comparison. Of course, to compare mattresses yourself, you should have a rich experience of using various types of beddings, including latex, innerspring, water beds, air beds, futons and memory gel and foam items. those who did it, mentioned, that it is more easy to compare memory foam mattresses as their characteristics are alike. Most of these units have a common minus – the user feels hot when sleeping on the surface of such a bed.

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To avoid it various pads are offered on sale. However, everyone who compare memory foam mattress with an innerspring or futon mattress, affirm that gel and foam mattress is felt much more comfortable when you sleep on it. It does not produce any odd sounds, does not stink and felt supportive. Whereas innerspring rating showed 60% of customers satisfaction, memory foam units lead with 80-86% of satisfied users.

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