Making the inflatable mattress life longer

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An inflatable mattress can be used not for the camping only or for floating on the water surface when you rest. It can become a perfect bed for your guest and even guests. Depending on inflatable mattresses sizes, you can place for a night or more your friend, a couple or even a family with a kid.

This kind of bedding is not as durable as foam or airspring mattresses, but may also serve you for years, especially if you take care about your bed. Although these units are made of a super durable plastic, and Coleman inflatable mattress is designed to be used outdoors, some damages and leaks can happen. Inflatable mattress reviews show that manufacturers foresee such situations. So appearing of a hole is not a disaster. It does not mean your inflatable air mattress should be get rid from – thrown away or used as a cover for your lawn mower stored in garage. The damaged air bed can be fixed. You will need the patching material and scissors. Patch repair kits are available at Home Depot. There is a trick how to find a leak or a hole- apply a soap solution on the inflated mattress and press it (sit or lay on the air bed).

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You will see soap bubbles on the damaged places. Mark these places, apply super glue and patching stuff. wait for the time recommended in instruction. Your air mattress will be ready to be a good comfortable bed.

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