A little bit about the Stearns and Foster mattress

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In 1846, the Union of genius George Stearns and Seth Foster gave birth for a new “unique” line of Stearns and Foster mattress, which can satisfy even the most sophisticated audience. From that moment, the brand Stearns & Foster took a well-deserved place among the renowned manufacturers of luxury goods.

The Stearns and Foster mattresses is an absolute masterpiece of the line products for sleep. Through a combination of the materials from which it is made, and the most advanced technology here has been made the unique comfort. The exclusive spring from Stearns & Foster, for the first time achieve this kind of the elasticity and support. Double helix, independent springs, each of which has been removed in a separate case, can give you a new and unique sleep experience.

stearns and foster mattress with kevlar

And each of Stearns and Foster mattress reviews contain only a positive information. A layer of the natural latex inside of Sterns and Foster mattress for unusual sensations enveloping comfort, rich and varied layers of completely purified wool and cotton, which are treated with anti-allergy composition will help you reach the top of the natural enjoyment bedtime. A mattress this company is also different with a refined elegance of finish and hardware.

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