A large and comfortable queen size futon mattress

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The queen size futon mattress is called the traditional Japanese mattress made of cotton, which the Japanese spreading out on the floor at night and removed in the morning. The majority of ordinary Japanese in the 13th century were forced to sleep on mats of straw. Those who are richer asleep on the tatami.

They, too, could not be called soft and comfortable. Cotton and stuffed with soft wool and cotton mattresses appeared in the 17th century. Old bed have already not satisfied the Japanese. They first intended only for the wealthy. The price of such a mattress could be up to 1.2 million yen. In the 18th century futon bedding served as the expensive gifts which were given to their friends as they become readily available to many notable Japanese. Often, if they wanted to seduce a woman, then a wealthy man gave her exactly futon.

12 inch queen futon mattress cover

Already in the 19th century, the price of futon bedding fell due to import cotton – raw in the country, and almost every Japanese family could afford this luxury. At the present time has become fashionable the Japanese style and tradition to sit and sleep on the cushions and small mattress on the floor quite caught on, especially in advanced, a lot of traveling families, so that the queen futon mattress is now very popular.

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