Improving your sleeping quality with a cooling mattress pad

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A cooling mattress pad is designed to reduce the heat which you may feel when sleeping on the mattress. Each type of mattress is felt differently when you sleep on it. Comparing various types of mattresses it was found innerspring and memory foam units are felt hotter for sleeping than futon stuff, for example.

For the purpose of making your night rest comfortable as it should be, a cool mattress pad can be used, and even recommended. Feel Cooler pad for making your bed less hot is offered at Amazon marketplace. The customers are mostly satisfied with the result they felt after using this bedding helper. In comparison with a “bold” mattress, the bedding with a pad was felt cooler, but not so cool as it is advertised. The average customers’ satisfaction reached 3,5 points from 5 possible. The Coolmax mattress pad is rated higher – 4 from 5. Queen size mattress pad is offered for only $78. Iso Cool mattress pad rating reaches 4,2 – 4,4, but its price is also higher – from $ 254 and more.

cooling mattress pad that works

This pad has a 100% cotton cover and filled with polyester fiber – material which protects your body from overheating and cold as well. It may regulate the temperature in a way. Some customers choose natural bamboo pads for healthy cooling of your body. The pad over mattress for its cooling is not a must, but it can be called your comfort sleep improver.

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