What are the differences between non toxic mattress and toxic one?

What are the differences between non toxic mattress and toxic one? 4.75/5 (95.00%) 4 votes

At first we must about the non toxic mattress because not everyone understands what it is. Commonly, the mattress that we take for sleeping consists of polyurethane foam, which is considered biodegradable material. Nevertheless virtually it is a plastic material that is derived from the fossil fuels. To confect such a material was used various chemical reactions aimed at basic chemicals: isocyanate and polyol.

Isocyanates contain elements which are carcinogens those are bound with cancer in animals and people. Besides, their effects may lead to chronic bronchial asthma and different diseases united with lung, moreover, to the vexation of the eyes, nose, throat and your skin. Polyurethane in its turn allocates chemical gases, which the person inbreathes through the night.

non toxic queen mattress

But chemical free mattresses consists latex obtained from rubber and from the springs covered with organic wool. Presently, you may also purchase eco-friendly mattresses for babies, what is very essential in today’s environment because non-toxic mattress is not only innocuous to health, but also leads to improving of it. Healthy sleep is always healthy condition and healthy future. What is more we spend 1/3 of the life sleeping.

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