Comparing top rated mattresses

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Choosing a right mattress in one of the most difficult tasks, but if you know what the top rated mattresses are, your choice becomes easy. Specialists made a list of best rated mattresses, basing on combination of a user satisfaction, product price, lifespan and comfort it gives you.

Comparison of top mattresses looks approximately as follows. Let us take a Bed in Box Tranquility best rated mattress and Sealy Posturepedic, the last one in the list of top 10 mattresses. The owners of the first unit are satisfied for 86% with its usage. Sealy unit users are in minority – 65%. Comfort comparison: very good against good to fair, return policy – good against fair. However, Sealy wins with the lifetime of the market. The company has been manufacturing its products since 1906, and Bed in Box brand is pretty new.

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It is not easy to choose what is the best mattress for you. Memory foam units are more “universal” and may be recommended almost to all. They are more expensive than their “brothers” on springs, but give the better comfort. If you are not ready to pay for the memory foam item, order a mattress top. It will give you almost the same feeling as if you rest on a foam unit. High rated Tempur Pedic and Zinus units did not get into the top 10 mattress list. The first one is too expensive, and Zinus is too firm.

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