A comfortable futon mattress as a full bed

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Any futon mattress can serve as a comfortable couch and a separate bed. Thanks to their low price futon mattresses has become popular among students and people renting unfurnished apartments. A cheap futon mattress is an ideal choice to organize a nice place for a careless sleeping if you live in a small studio. Unfold it at night and have a good rest, and take it simply away during the day time.

There are innerspring and memory foam futon mattresses, and it is up top you which one is to choose. It will depend on how you plan using your unit. The history of this bedding comes from Japan, Asia. Later, in Europe and America they were “remodelled”. Different futon mattress sizes appeared on the modern market. Full size futon mattress is 81″ x 85″. It provides 3 places for adults to seat and 2 bed places.

futon mattress sizes

Twin futon mattress is 6″-9″ thick average, and 39″ x 75″ in width and length. Durable soft full futon mattress -75″ x 54″ x 6″ – can be found at Walmart. The high rating of the model is explained by its contemporary european look, low price ($84 only) and enough comfort it provides when you rest on it. Such a mattress can’t fully replace a usual bed, but as a temporary bedding place this unit it is perfect. The better quality futons by Serta, Otis Bed, Futon Shop are successfully used as full spacious beds.

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