How to choose the mattress Chicago

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The modern mattress Chicago is divided into spring and springless. The main difference of springless – the smallest elasticity. These mattresses are chosen by people who do not like the effect of the springs. Lack of spring unit makes feeling incomparable with those which are tested on mattresses with spring. There are good models among both species, however, the largest selection for mattresses of medium hardness – among the spring models.

But the hard – on the contrary, among the springless. And extremely rigid models – only without springs. The spring units are called “Bonnell” and it mainly used in mattresses of economy class. In this section each spring rigidly connections to the neighbor, and if you click on one, then also nearby are pressed. The main drawback of such mattresses is that the orthopedic effect decreases as the spring react to the weight of a person simultaneously with neighboring, not each separately, but considering the small price – version is acceptable. Especially when it comes to replacement for an old sagging mattress.

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Between the springs and cover of the mattress manufacturers put the fillers that give the superficial hardness or softness. The most popular filling for a mattress sale Chicago are polyurethane foam, synthetic latex and foam rubber.

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