How to choose a kids mattress

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Everyone knows that the choice of kids mattress is a responsible occupation. After all, the main cause of back problems it is a wrong choose the right mattress, due to which the baby takes in a dream the wrong position. So what mattress is best for the child? First of all, when choosing a mattress you need to take into account the age of the child – the requirements for children of different ages is different.

Requirements for a mattress for babies the most stringent. A quality mattress must be tough, so you should forget about the mattresses of batting. It is known, that cotton perfectly absorbs the moisture and forms a pit falls and bumps. Therefore, for the child will be hard to find a comfortable sleeping position. Now all the doctors agree that the best mattress for kids are mattresses that are made of coco chips. Why doctors advise to choose exactly hard mattress? Everything is simple – at children first year of life is no physiological deflections of the spine. And for their proper form more suitable a firm mattress.

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But for older children, it would be really fun to have the kids air mattress. The chips of coconut is hypoallergenic, which is important for young children. In addition, coir is perfectly breathable, does not absorb the smells and does not absorb moisture.

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