When you should choose an innerspring mattress?

When you should choose an innerspring mattress? 4.67/5 (93.33%) 3 votes

Choosing between an innerspring mattress and a memory foam unit, you should buy the first one in the following cases.

1. Buy an innerspring mattress if you sweat much – memory foam bedding is not as cool as an innerspring mattress.
2. In case you move often and get up at night – it is easier to do it when you have such a bed.
3. If you can confess yourself your budget is tough – memory foam stuff will “eat” more money.

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If you do not care about everything which was mentioned above, join the majority of memory foam mattresses fans and buy the best stuff which is offered on the market today. Bed in a Box is a leader among customers.86% of users are totally satisfied with its quality and comfort it gives them. Bob-O-Pedic and Comfort Dreams are also among the highly rated stuff.

The 3 leaders among the innerspring beds are Aireloom, Duxiana and Denver representatives. They are all recommended for permanent usage and last up to 25 years. Some units combine memory foam layer and an innerspring “body”. It is felt softer than a regular innerspring mattress, but lets the owner move with no problems. The body support is also sufficient and you do not “dive” into the bed. River Lily Plush offers a such queen mattress and box spring. These products are available at Walmart and Sam’s Club. There the set of a queen size mattress and box spring costs about $1,500.

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