Characteristics of a Englander mattress

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Englander mattress history, which started more than 120 years ago, has seen a lot of Englander mattresses designs and various styles. The company developed Box Couch Bed, Red-Line Boxspring and Red Cross line, various technologies – Sleep Synergy, Tension Ease, Visco system and other innovations. Recently the company introduced Life Style line. The mattresses from this line combine memory foam and coils.

The Englander mattress reviews show that customers are satisfied mostly with foam memory models. The users find latex models pretty expensive, whereas the innerspring units can be bought for the sum of money starting from $400. Englander mattress prices vary from $400 -$1,700 for innerspring models, $900 – $1,500 for units from memory foam and $2,100 up to $3,000 and over for latex mattresses. All models warranty terms are10-20 years. Englander mattresses have a very good and excellent motion isolation. However, those customers who want to buy the unit for their sleeping, comfirm that it is not so easy to find a mattress by Englander even online.

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As a minus some users mark the mattress is felt hot when being used. For the better search and help for its customers the company gives the information about its products and informs about news on its site. Comparing Serta, Simmons and Sealy units specialists and users find a lot of common features.

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