organic mattress los angeles

The best mattress Los Angeles

If you are considering buying a latex mattress Los Angeles, but are not sure until the end, if it suits you, then you can start by considering the pros and cons of latex mattresses. This type of mattress has one of the highest levels of customer satisfaction, but still they come not for everyone. As is the case with any product, there are both attractive and repulsive features which should […]

queen size mattress with frame

When do we choose queen size mattresses?

A queen size mattresses have been the most popular choice of buyers for many years already. Really, buying a new bed, most people foresee they won’t sleep alone there. Very often those who plan to sleep together with a spouse ( or kid, or even a pet nearby), have to choose – king size bed or a queen size mattress? The length of both units is the same, they differ […]

adjustable mattress types

How to choose the adjustable mattress

The modern bedding market offers a huge range of the adjustable mattress with the varying degrees of rigidity and price category. So which mattress to choose and on what is necessary to focus when you are ready to make a purchase? First of all it is important to consider when choosing your physiological and age characteristics, as well as personal preferences. It also is important to correctly determine the size […]

bassinet mattress oval

From a first bassinet mattress to a luxury bed from Chattam and Wells

Imagine for a minute this fact: one third of our life is connected with a mattress, and bassinet mattress is our first bedding. Nobody will argue it is better for each one to start life on a comfortable bed. The body should rest well at night. The’right’ mattress chosen from the very beginning will prevent spine problems, back and neck pains and help to regulate blood pressure. Choose a Colgate […]

custom size twin mattress

When do you need a custom mattress?

It is not a must everybody should “fit” a standard bed size, so there is a way out of this situation – to get a custom mattress. A custom size mattress may be ordered at Create a Mattress site. Just give the exact measurements of your unit, and the company specialists will start working at your order. Custom mattresses up to 76 inches in width and 84 inches in length […]

2 memory foam mattress toppers

Comfortable rest on a 3 inch memory foam mattress topper

If your comfortable night rest is important for you, if you want to get up every morning refreshed, we recommend you to get a 3 inch memory foam mattress topper. At Overstock you will find hundreds of profitable deals. The store sells ventilated 3 memory foam mattress toppers and 2 memory foam mattress toppers. Serta and Slumber Solutions are very popular. Amazon and Ebay marketplaces have a huge choice of […]

single mattress dimensions

The single mattress and double mattresses

Depending on their size mattresses are divided into a single mattress and double mattress. The first – have standard sizes for single beds. As for a double mattress, it is usually acquired, based on the overall dimensions of the bed. In addition be sure to determine the length of the mattress, which must come from the growth of the person who will sleep on it (add to this figure 20 […]

memory foam mattress topper twin xl

How can a memory foam mattress topper help?

A memory foam mattress topper provides the better cushioning and extra comfort to the bed owner. Memory foam toppers are offered in various sizes, forms and thickness. Maybe it seems strange to buy a memory foam bed topper when you have a good mattress, but it is easy to explain. After years of usage mattress becomes uncomfortable bringing discomfort for its owner. If you feel you need to change a […]