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A large and comfortable queen size futon mattress

The queen size futon mattress is called the traditional Japanese mattress made of cotton, which the Japanese spreading out on the floor at night and removed in the morning. The majority of ordinary Japanese in the 13th century were forced to sleep on mats of straw. Those who are richer asleep on the tatami. They, too, could not be called soft and comfortable. Cotton and stuffed with soft wool and […]

mattress topper reviews

Mattress topper types: choose the best for your needs

Mattress topper is an element that perfectly complements any mattress, either and old worn out one, or a new and modern. It features cushioning and enhanced support. Mattress toppers can be of various types, for example featherbed mattress topper or memory mattress topper. Any type deserves decent attention; everything depends on customer’s needs. There are some sites you may consult to some information about basic characterisctics; you may also read […]

mattress warehouse online

Why it is so advantageous to buy in mattress warehouse

Visiting a mattress warehouse is always a good choice. Especially if you want to get a new mattress for your home. This way you can be confident that you may find a great product. Usually people are interested in mattresses in two cases: buying bed and, of course, other bedding along with it or when waking up in the morning and understanding that you feel the back pain. So it […]

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Why do we choose a box spring for mattress?

A typical box spring consists of a sturdy frame usually made from wood, contains innersprings and covered with soft cloth upholstery. Box springs have become popular as they help to raise the height of your bed mattress and support it well. Mattress and box spring together create a very durable and firm construction and sturdy bed. Mattress box spring is called foundation as well, although they differ a bit. Foundation […]

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The variety of the mattresses NYC

The multiplicity of the mattresses NYC can capture the imagination. The mattress is the main part ofthe bed, which allows the body to take the correct position during the sleep. And it is known that properlychosen mattress can relieve a pain syndrome, which is caused by incorrect position of the spine. You’ll sleepbetter, less tossing and turning. This means that you will feel better during the day. The cheapmattresses NYC […]

cooling mattress pad qvc

Improving your sleeping quality with a cooling mattress pad

A cooling mattress pad is designed to reduce the heat which you may feel when sleeping on the mattress. Each type of mattress is felt differently when you sleep on it. Comparing various types of mattresses it was found innerspring and memory foam units are felt hotter for sleeping than futon stuff, for example. For the purpose of making your night rest comfortable as it should be, a cool mattress […]

kid mattress protector

How to choose a kids mattress

Everyone knows that the choice of kids mattress is a responsible occupation. After all, the main cause of back problems it is a wrong choose the right mattress, due to which the baby takes in a dream the wrong position. So what mattress is best for the child? First of all, when choosing a mattress you need to take into account the age of the child – the requirements for […]

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Where to got a cheap queen mattress set

The difference between a queen mattress and a queen mattress set is in following. Queen mattress is the only one unit, whereas a queen size mattress set consists of a mattress itself and a base – sturdy bed foundation. The queen mattress sets bases are different – you can choose a box spring, metal springs, metal or a wooden construction. The standard size of a queen size bed is 60 […]