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The best mattress for your awesome rest

Looking for the best mattress for your home, take a decision which kind of the stuff you want. The best mattresses reviews and comparison of mattresses types showed the following. Memory foam and latex units won popularity among the best mattresses rated by the customers. The survey showed – among best firm mattress models there are IKEA units. IKEA also deals with the best mattress for the money. Bed in […]

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A comfortable futon mattress as a full bed

Any futon mattress can serve as a comfortable couch and a separate bed. Thanks to their low price futon mattresses has become popular among students and people renting unfurnished apartments. A cheap futon mattress is an ideal choice to organize a nice place for a careless sleeping if you live in a small studio. Unfold it at night and have a good rest, and take it simply away during the […]

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What is an organic mattress?

Organic mattress from latex is obtained from the rubber tree. Verily organic latex rubber is extracted from the juice of rubber trees called Brasiliensis (family of rubber trees), which grows near the equator. Juice from these trees can be harvested pending 180 days a year, because Hevea restored in an hour. But most so-called organic mattresses actually contain a mixture of natural rubber and compositive latex, which may give off […]

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Any sofa bed mattress can be replaced

A sofa bed combines the functions of a sofa and sleeping bed, and sofa bed mattress should fit its framework. There are three sofa bed mattresses sizes on the modern market today – queen (the largest), full (middle sized) and twin (the narrow one). So if you think about a sofa bed mattress replacement you should know the exact dimensions of your sofa mattress. Queen size unit is 60″ x […]

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Which camping mattress is better?

Which camping mattress is the best among the units available today? Which one will give you the best protection from moisture and cold? Is air camping mattress better or worse than a foam camping mattress? Both camper mattresses have their advantages and minuses. The first place was given to a foam memory Therm-a-rest NeoAir Dream. It is very comfortable, has a soft top made from memory foam and very warm. […]

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Spring Air mattress leads again

According to the rating results of 2014 Spring Air mattress has become a leader among the first 10 USA brands manufacturing memory foam stuff for sleeping. In 2026 the company will mark a 100th anniversary. All these years, almost throughout a century Spring Air mattresses remain best selling units in american stores and around the world. The mattresses are imported to Canada, Mexico, most of countries in Europe and a […]

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Why it is so advantageous to buy in mattress warehouse

Visiting a mattress warehouse is always a good choice. Especially if you want to get a new mattress for your home. This way you can be confident that you may find a great product. Usually people are interested in mattresses in two cases: buying bed and, of course, other bedding along with it or when waking up in the morning and understanding that you feel the back pain. So it […]

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Where to got a cheap queen mattress set

The difference between a queen mattress and a queen mattress set is in following. Queen mattress is the only one unit, whereas a queen size mattress set consists of a mattress itself and a base – sturdy bed foundation. The queen mattress sets bases are different – you can choose a box spring, metal springs, metal or a wooden construction. The standard size of a queen size bed is 60 […]