cheap king size mattress topper

Where to find a cheap king size mattress

If you are searching for a large mattress for your bed we recommend you online shoping for your cheap king size mattress. American Freight offers the best king size mattress prices. Elegance, Chiro, Dream Sleep and Royal Ultra units are offered for less than $160 for unit. There you will find the large selection of cheap king size mattresses. Kingsdown mattress prices at MattressWarehouse are less than in most stores. […]

mattress pad with magnets

Mattress pads for additional comfort

The correctly chosen mattress pad will breathe new life even into an old mattress. With this additional soft layer your mattress will acquire extra support. Mattress pads come in different types, for example latex, featherbeds, wool or memory foam. Every topper has its pluses and minuses. If you are not sure which one to choose, study mattress pad reviews where you can find customers feebdacks, characteristics and main features of […]

cooling mattress pad queen

Improving your sleeping quality with a cooling mattress pad

A cooling mattress pad is designed to reduce the heat which you may feel when sleeping on the mattress. Each type of mattress is felt differently when you sleep on it. Comparing various types of mattresses it was found innerspring and memory foam units are felt hotter for sleeping than futon stuff, for example. For the purpose of making your night rest comfortable as it should be, a cool mattress […]

bamboo mattress rating

Why the bamboo mattress has so many advantages

Bamboo mattress is very popular among many other types of mattresses. The point is that such mattresses are manufactured from the core of bamboo tree. The soft core is processed, whereby we obtain a material which has similar qualities as the rayon. The difference lies in the fact that bamboo is hypoallergenic kind of filler. Due to its properties, the mattresses with this filler are able to serve its owner […]

king size bed with mattress

Popularity of a king size bed

Any king size bed lets a couple sleeping with comfort, as it leaves pretty enough space between two people to turn and move while sleeping. 80″ x 98″ size of king size mattress allowes even to leave enough room for a kid of spouses or a pet who loves to slumber between people. Along with a queen bed unit a king size mattress is the mostly often chosen size for […]

memory foam mattress queen size

Pluses and minuses of a memory foam mattress

Among all existing types of mattresses a memory foam mattress is considered to be the best. Basing on surveys and foam mattress reviews, researches came to conclusion that this bedding is the most desirable among other units. The memory foam mattress consumer report informs about 86% of users satisfaction with the product. The highest marks (A) were given to a foam mattress isolation of motion and no noise. Like “good” […]

sealy firm mattress queen

Who need the firm mattress

Manufacturers of customer care, and knowing about office life, they offer endless options of the firm mattress, which were a preventive measure to prevent disease or alleviate the symptoms of back that is already there. That is why more people are prescribed by a doctor or on its own initiative come to what they have to sleep on a firm mattress, or at least moderate stringency. But to buy the […]

stearns and foster mattress costco

A little bit about the Stearns and Foster mattress

In 1846, the Union of genius George Stearns and Seth Foster gave birth for a new “unique” line of Stearns and Foster mattress, which can satisfy even the most sophisticated audience. From that moment, the brand Stearns & Foster took a well-deserved place among the renowned manufacturers of luxury goods. The Stearns and Foster mattresses is an absolute masterpiece of the line products for sleep. Through a combination of the […]