cheap queen mattress topper

How to get a cheap queen mattress?

An average price for a cheap queen mattress is $600- $700. There are luxury models (Tempur Pedic, Serta which cost times more. On the other hand, cheap queen mattresses at American Freight can be found for $150 – $250. NordicRest, Carlton Place, Simmons and Dream Sleep cheap queen mattress sets do not differ much from the famous brands mattresses by quality. Walmart discounter always has got a nice choice of […]

boxspring and mattress

Why do we choose a box spring for mattress?

A typical box spring consists of a sturdy frame usually made from wood, contains innersprings and covered with soft cloth upholstery. Box springs have become popular as they help to raise the height of your bed mattress and support it well. Mattress and box spring together create a very durable and firm construction and sturdy bed. Mattress box spring is called foundation as well, although they differ a bit. Foundation […]

mattress clearance raleigh

Saving on shopping at mattress clearance stores

If you find a good a mattress clearance, you will save 50% on your bedding purchase. There are various ways to pay less for the same unit when shopping. The first method is visiting local stores – Target, Walmart discounter, Sears and Costco. However, the majority of the advertised clearance are mostly available at online stores. Big Lots mattresses offers will let you pay 30- 50% less than you would […]

shifman mattress masters collection

Sweet dreams mattress – is different for everyone!

Choosing a mattress you pursue a particular purpose, looking for luxury you choose Shifman mattress. Its collections feature an unparalleled beauty, style and scrupulous craftsmanship. These mattresses are characterized by exceptionally correct firmness and level of comfort. Shifman mattresses are rightly considered to be luxurious comfort. Looking for instant convenience you choose roll up mattress. This is absolutely practical and ergonomic mattress that you can rely on in any situation. […]

exclusive mattress brands

What you need to know about mattress brands

There are various mattress brands but what counts more among the customers are mattress’s characteristics. Some prefer air mattresses, the other prefer memory foam or latex mattresses, actually these types are considered to be the most popular. Regardless the best mattress brands customers are more satisfied with memory foam and air mattresses that those who decided to purchase a traditional spring mattress. Even if you get the mattress of the […]

full mattress raleigh

Full mattress – a universal size bed place for a single or couple

All mattresses can be referred to the following types: twin, twin-XL, full mattress, queen, king and California-King mattress. The full mattress size is 39 inches over 80 inches. it occupies a “middle” place between the biggest king size (76″ x 80″) and twin (39″ x 75″) mattresses. Before full mattresses were used for two adults. With time, when the apartments sizes started to grow, a single person uses this type […]

mattress types for side sleepers

Mattress types available on the market

Before you buy a new mattress, learn everything about mattress types which exist on the market to pick up the right one. Although there are hundreds of variants which are “yours” from the first sight, mattress shopping is probably one of the most difficult choices you make in stores. It is natural: you will spend approximately 33% of your life time on your mattress set. Therefore learn about all pros […]

air bed mattress frame

Comfortable air beds – the cheapest comfortable decision for your best rest

Shopping for soft and comfortable air beds is the cheapest variant to get a functional enjoyable bed for your house. An air mattress bed provides the full support of your body, giving it relaxation and peaceful rest while sleeping. Those who have such a stunning unit at home may stop worrying if there is no place for their guests to sleep. Intex air mattress beds available at Walmart discounter are […]