100 visco elastic memory foam topper

What advantages does Visco elastic memory foam have?

Visco elastic memory foam is made from special material, which conforms to the shape of our body. With the help of special additives it possesses a unique quality, the so-called “the effect of the memory”. This material reacts on the temperature and pressure. When you lie on it, the mattress doesn’t oppose to your weight. Herewith you won’t fall down in the mattress. When you are up, the material will […]

cotton mattress without springs

Latex, wool or cotton mattress?

Choosing bedding for the better sleep and rest with comfort you have to decide which type of a mattress you will use – memory foam, wool, latex, or cotton mattress. Each of these units has its pros and cons. Wool unit choice is cool when you have some back problems. Such mattress is natural, warm and eco-friendly. However, suffering from allergies people can’t be recommended this stuff, giving preference to […]

rv mattress toppers

How to choose the RV mattress

It seems that choosing the RV mattress is easy because many models now offering and shops, and sellers are always ready to help for decide the desired option of products. But even for you need to know about what are the mattresses. The sleep has a direct impact on health. And if a person is not fully relax, it will lead to the development of disease and stress. Often people […]

single mattress encasement

The single mattress and double mattresses

Depending on their size mattresses are divided into a single mattress and double mattress. The first – have standard sizes for single beds. As for a double mattress, it is usually acquired, based on the overall dimensions of the bed. In addition be sure to determine the length of the mattress, which must come from the growth of the person who will sleep on it (add to this figure 20 […]

pillow top mattress queen set

Pillow Top Mattress Buying Guide

Pillow top mattress provides extra protecting upholstery that covers the surface of the mattress, and it adds comfort to your mattress. The size of a bed you have in your bedroom absolutely doesn’t matter, the plus is that you can find any top mattress, even a queen size pillow top mattress. Pillow top mattress cover adds softness to overall mattress comfort, which will guarantee a restful and great sleep. When […]

custom size twin mattress

When do you need a custom mattress?

It is not a must everybody should “fit” a standard bed size, so there is a way out of this situation – to get a custom mattress. A custom size mattress may be ordered at Create a Mattress site. Just give the exact measurements of your unit, and the company specialists will start working at your order. Custom mattresses up to 76 inches in width and 84 inches in length […]

mattress king reviews

Create your royal bedroom with a mattress king size

Treat your family and yourself like royalty with mattress king that will complete your king bed! You can learn about a big variety of king size mattresses and king size mattress set and you will find the best one for your personal needs and desires. Before purchasing you can check king size mattress reviews to know about all advantages and disadvantages of different models. Whether you are looking for the […]

innerspring mattress with pillow top

When you should choose an innerspring mattress?

Choosing between an innerspring mattress and a memory foam unit, you should buy the first one in the following cases. 1. Buy an innerspring mattress if you sweat much – memory foam bedding is not as cool as an innerspring mattress. 2. In case you move often and get up at night – it is easier to do it when you have such a bed. 3. If you can confess […]