full size mattress clearance

Good quality full size mattress

Double or full size mattress can be used either for a single person or for a couple. It may be offered for guests who stay at your house for a night. The standart american full size mattress size is 54″ x 75 “. The full mattress sets offered online contain the mattress and foundation. Various full size mattress sets at Walmart and Sam’s Club may be bought for less than […]

king size bed width

Popularity of a king size bed

Any king size bed lets a couple sleeping with comfort, as it leaves pretty enough space between two people to turn and move while sleeping. 80″ x 98″ size of king size mattress allowes even to leave enough room for a kid of spouses or a pet who loves to slumber between people. Along with a queen bed unit a king size mattress is the mostly often chosen size for […]

king size memory foam mattress topper with cover

How to choose a good king size memory foam mattress

There are many choices of king size memory foam mattresses at the market, so to get most appropriate one? Choosing a mattress takes much efforts and time, for there are so many new memory foam king size mattresses. From the first glance one memory foam king mattress looks exactly like the other, but they are not of the same quality. When you search for a king size foam mattress, consider […]

mattress protector encasement

Safety of your bed with a mattress protector

Mattress protector is the wise investment because it keeps your expensive bed mattress from dust, insects and other damages. Mattress protectors preserve the mattress if safe conditions and extends its service time. There are various types of protectors and you can choose the one that is most appropriate for you. There are protectors that keep your mattress safe while transporting. Mattress covers for moving can be in a form of […]

spring air mattress twin

Spring Air mattress leads again

According to the rating results of 2014 Spring Air mattress has become a leader among the first 10 USA brands manufacturing memory foam stuff for sleeping. In 2026 the company will mark a 100th anniversary. All these years, almost throughout a century Spring Air mattresses remain best selling units in american stores and around the world. The mattresses are imported to Canada, Mexico, most of countries in Europe and a […]

mattress for less than 200

Which retailers can offer you a mattress for less?

Everybody who is looking for a new bed, will be happy to get a good quality mattress for less. If you shop in your local retailers, you will not manage saving the money you can save on shopping at a mattress outlet or factory. However, Mattress Giant – the American company of retailing and the largest company in Houston ( Texas ) offers the bed stuff for cheaper. Memory foam […]

folding bed qld

So many functions of a folding mattress

Folding mattress referres to a futon type of mattresses, which can be used as a bed mattress or as a couch. A foldable mattress can be easily moved from one room to another and used as a comfortable place for conversations. A tri fold mattress is cool for being used while camping (like a resting chair or bed), lounging over your house (it is lightweight) and using as a standard […]

twin mattress quilt size

Where can you use a twin mattress?

Your mattress should be longer and wider than the space you take when sleeping and a twin mattress size – 39″ x 75″ is enough usually for one person. Twin size mattress is called “single” as well as it foresees one person will use it. Twin mattresses are good for young tall people, child. Twin bed mattresses are recommended for trundles. Mattress twin (single) differs from a double mattress in […]