baby mattress cost

How to Pick the Best Baby Mattress

Choosing the best baby mattress, young parents do not always know what properties of a sleeping place are the main ones. First of all a mattress for a small child should be moderately tough and resilient. It is equally important to select the model that is made only from the environmentally friendly materials. There are models in which, for example, padding polyester combined with natural materials. Nevertheless it is better […]

best ikea king size mattress

How to Choose the Best King-Size Mattress

Searching for the best king size mattress is an important and time-consuming effort. Before making the final decision you have to compare all different types and brands. It is also very important to know the main features to pay attention to while choosing king size bed mattress. If you are choosing the king bed mattress in a local store you can test its comfort and quality in reality. You are […]

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An ideal luxury mattress

Everyone who decided to buy a luxury mattress, that wants to make sure, that the purchase will justify itself. That its rest will be even more comfortable, and health will improve. For clarity, we give below some details of production. They will help you to ensure the uniqueness of luxury mattresses: In the manufacture of this using only natural materials. All the excipients comply with international quality standard and fabrics (silk, […]

organic quilted mattress pad

What is an organic mattress?

Organic mattress from latex is obtained from the rubber tree. Verily organic latex rubber is extracted from the juice of rubber trees called Brasiliensis (family of rubber trees), which grows near the equator. Juice from these trees can be harvested pending 180 days a year, because Hevea restored in an hour. But most so-called organic mattresses actually contain a mixture of natural rubber and compositive latex, which may give off […]

novaform gel memory foam mattress instructions

An antiacarian gel foam mattress

Today in the market of the gel foam mattress are offers a huge range that is able to meet the demands and needs of any person. Here we will talk about one of the newest developments of producers – the gel anti-bedsore mattresses. Among the huge range you to find the cellular and balloon products with the various fillers and laser perforation system that ensures the good ventilation in the […]

best icomfort mattress for side sleepers

Choosing the best mattress for side sleepers

Healthy sleep is very important, and if you are among those who prefer sleeping on side, you should remember what is the best mattress for side sleepers must be. Good for you sleep mattress should never be firm! Firm units will give your hips and shoulders pain. Never use a thick pillow – your neck will feel bad. In some cases it is better to use Sleepy mattress only, than […]