baby mattresses best

How to Pick the Best Baby Mattress

Choosing the best baby mattress, young parents do not always know what properties of a sleeping place are the main ones. First of all a mattress for a small child should be moderately tough and resilient. It is equally important to select the model that is made only from the environmentally friendly materials. There are models in which, for example, padding polyester combined with natural materials. Nevertheless it is better […]

latex mattress talalay

Latex Mattress Knowledge Through Reviews

It is important to correctly choose a latex mattress, because this is a guarantee of comfort sleeping. Due to latex mattress reviews you can find about basic characteristics of different latex mattresses. Before you make a final decision, try to find out about advantages and disadvantages of latex foam mattress type. There are different methods of getting latex. There are may be natural, synthetic or blend latex, and detailed information you […]

sealy posturepedic pillow top mattress queen

Pillow Top Mattress Buying Guide

Pillow top mattress provides extra protecting upholstery that covers the surface of the mattress, and it adds comfort to your mattress. The size of a bed you have in your bedroom absolutely doesn’t matter, the plus is that you can find any top mattress, even a queen size pillow top mattress. Pillow top mattress cover adds softness to overall mattress comfort, which will guarantee a restful and great sleep. When […]

englander mattress chicago

How to choose the mattress Chicago

The modern mattress Chicago is divided into spring and springless. The main difference of springless – the smallest elasticity. These mattresses are chosen by people who do not like the effect of the springs. Lack of spring unit makes feeling incomparable with those which are tested on mattresses with spring. There are good models among both species, however, the largest selection for mattresses of medium hardness – among the spring […]

double-layer mattress with visco-elastic memory-foam top

What advantages does Visco elastic memory foam have?

Visco elastic memory foam is made from special material, which conforms to the shape of our body. With the help of special additives it possesses a unique quality, the so-called “the effect of the memory”. This material reacts on the temperature and pressure. When you lie on it, the mattress doesn’t oppose to your weight. Herewith you won’t fall down in the mattress. When you are up, the material will […]

custom mattress reno

When do you need a custom mattress?

It is not a must everybody should “fit” a standard bed size, so there is a way out of this situation – to get a custom mattress. A custom size mattress may be ordered at Create a Mattress site. Just give the exact measurements of your unit, and the company specialists will start working at your order. Custom mattresses up to 76 inches in width and 84 inches in length […]