baby mattress organic review

How to Pick the Best Baby Mattress

Choosing the best baby mattress, young parents do not always know what properties of a sleeping place are the main ones. First of all a mattress for a small child should be moderately tough and resilient. It is equally important to select the model that is made only from the environmentally friendly materials. There are models in which, for example, padding polyester combined with natural materials. Nevertheless it is better […]

waterbed mattress pad

An exotic waterbed mattress

The waterbed mattress is a PVC cover, which is filled with water or a special liquid based on water. Its advantages are obvious. It is suitable for people with diseases of the spine, allows pregnant women to sleep with the greatest comfort, is also recommended for insomnia. Virtually all water mattress are equipped with the heating function, providing through this dry heat for people with arthritis, rheumatism, muscle aches and […]

outdoor twin futon mattress cover

A futon mattress cover may change your home look

The main problem of any futon mattress cover is it can be easily stained or damaged. As futons are universal units for sitting, conversation, watching TV during the day time, and sleeping at night, futon mattress covers are often torn and dirty. Your futon does not look nice any more and spoils your house image. Not to let such a confusion happen – do not wait till the cover becomes […]

symbol mattress easy rest plush comfort

Symbol Mattress for permanent use and Intex stuff – for guests

One of the fourth largest and best US companies making mattresses is a Symbol Mattress company. It manufactures awesome mattresses which are infused only with natural stuff and eco-friendly topper. Bamboo, soy based foam core, latex materials are used to make these stunning mattresses. Most of Symbol Mattress reviews are positive, and it is not easy to find the disadvantages of the company products. Maybe it is connected with the […]

non toxic blow up mattress

What are the differences between non toxic mattress and toxic one?

At first we must about the non toxic mattress because not everyone understands what it is. Commonly, the mattress that we take for sleeping consists of polyurethane foam, which is considered biodegradable material. Nevertheless virtually it is a plastic material that is derived from the fossil fuels. To confect such a material was used various chemical reactions aimed at basic chemicals: isocyanate and polyol. Isocyanates contain elements which are carcinogens […]

aireloom mattress euro top

How to choose the right aireloom mattress

The qualitative aireloom mattress will be useful both avid hikers as well as fans to lie down with the comfort on the beach. In the urban apartments and cottages it will quickly arrange a guest bed, and then also fast it will go away in a closet. How to choose the right mattress on the market? In modern inflatable mattresses are used an orthopedic technology. For example, thanks to the […]