ikea mattress pad

IKEA mattress for comfortable rest and conversation

When you are looking for an extra thin stuff for your sofa or a mattress for conversation, choose a stylish, european style looking IKEA mattress. It combines everything which you wait from a memory foam mattress, but first of all – it is times cheaper than the other popular brands models. Any futon mattress by IKEA is stunning. Cheap, available at the official site of the company, heaving a good […]

spring air mattress quality

Spring Air mattress leads again

According to the rating results of 2014 Spring Air mattress has become a leader among the first 10 USA brands manufacturing memory foam stuff for sleeping. In 2026 the company will mark a 100th anniversary. All these years, almost throughout a century Spring Air mattresses remain best selling units in american stores and around the world. The mattresses are imported to Canada, Mexico, most of countries in Europe and a […]

mattress brands at mattress firm

What you need to know about mattress brands

There are various mattress brands but what counts more among the customers are mattress’s characteristics. Some prefer air mattresses, the other prefer memory foam or latex mattresses, actually these types are considered to be the most popular. Regardless the best mattress brands customers are more satisfied with memory foam and air mattresses that those who decided to purchase a traditional spring mattress. Even if you get the mattress of the […]

futon mattress covers

A comfortable futon mattress as a full bed

Any futon mattress can serve as a comfortable couch and a separate bed. Thanks to their low price futon mattresses has become popular among students and people renting unfurnished apartments. A cheap futon mattress is an ideal choice to organize a nice place for a careless sleeping if you live in a small studio. Unfold it at night and have a good rest, and take it simply away during the […]

mattress evening delivery

Various mattress deals which may interest you

When you want to change your bed, start looking through various mattress deals beforehand. Check the nearest stores, especially if you plan your shopping during the holidays’ sales. Visit Mattress Depot or better its online store. When you open the official company site, you will be recommended to enter to your ZIP code, so you will know which are the nearest stores with the stuff you need. There is a […]

king koil mattress ensemble

King Koil Mattress Intended for Luxurious People!

King Koil mattress has been acknowledged as one of the most quality and splendid mattresses in the market. The exceptional comfort and softness it provides while sleeping never leave anyone indifferent! This brands offers innerspring, hybrid and memory foam mattresses. The latter comes in either breathable Aero Foam or gel-infused memory foam. Both provide proper support and pressure-relieving comfort. Once you wake up in the morning, all the body pains […]

baby mattress material

How to Pick the Best Baby Mattress

Choosing the best baby mattress, young parents do not always know what properties of a sleeping place are the main ones. First of all a mattress for a small child should be moderately tough and resilient. It is equally important to select the model that is made only from the environmentally friendly materials. There are models in which, for example, padding polyester combined with natural materials. Nevertheless it is better […]

mattress brands without flame retardant

Mattress comparison – which one is the leader?

The mattress comparison drawn between different types of these units has shown the following results. Mattress comparisons included comparing satisfaction of the user with the unit, price, comfort to sleep in various positions, availability and other characteristics. Bed in a Box representative leads in a mattress comparison chart. 86 users from 100 are fully satisfied with it. Bob-O-Pedic, Comfort Dreams and IKEA units are also on the top lines of […]