mattress express chicago

How to choose the mattress Chicago

The modern mattress Chicago is divided into spring and springless. The main difference of springless – the smallest elasticity. These mattresses are chosen by people who do not like the effect of the springs. Lack of spring unit makes feeling incomparable with those which are tested on mattresses with spring. There are good models among both species, however, the largest selection for mattresses of medium hardness – among the spring […]

coleman air mattress queen weight limit

Organize a comfortable bed in a minute – Coleman air mattress

If you love spending week-ends travelling and camping, a Coleman air mattress will become your comfortable bed for these days. You won’t suffer from any inconveniences and cold when sleeping on a large Coleman queen air mattress. It is thick and wide. Available today at Walmart discounter for only $80, this unit is marked 5 points from 5 possible. The built-in pump can inflate Coleman mattress within one minute, and […]

mattresses nyc free delivery

The variety of the mattresses NYC

The multiplicity of the mattresses NYC can capture the imagination. The mattress is the main part ofthe bed, which allows the body to take the correct position during the sleep. And it is known that properlychosen mattress can relieve a pain syndrome, which is caused by incorrect position of the spine. You’ll sleepbetter, less tossing and turning. This means that you will feel better during the day. The cheapmattresses NYC […]

futon mattress removable cover

A futon mattress cover may change your home look

The main problem of any futon mattress cover is it can be easily stained or damaged. As futons are universal units for sitting, conversation, watching TV during the day time, and sleeping at night, futon mattress covers are often torn and dirty. Your futon does not look nice any more and spoils your house image. Not to let such a confusion happen – do not wait till the cover becomes […]

childs waterproof mattress cover

How to choose a kids mattress

Everyone knows that the choice of kids mattress is a responsible occupation. After all, the main cause of back problems it is a wrong choose the right mattress, due to which the baby takes in a dream the wrong position. So what mattress is best for the child? First of all, when choosing a mattress you need to take into account the age of the child – the requirements for […]

futon mattress wayfair

A comfortable futon mattress as a full bed

Any futon mattress can serve as a comfortable couch and a separate bed. Thanks to their low price futon mattresses has become popular among students and people renting unfurnished apartments. A cheap futon mattress is an ideal choice to organize a nice place for a careless sleeping if you live in a small studio. Unfold it at night and have a good rest, and take it simply away during the […]

hospital bed mattress extra firm

The hospital bed mattress and their features

The modern hospital bed mattress, the production of which is based on the use of only high-quality and safe materials, must meet a number of requirements. For any medical equipment presented many different requirements, thus allowing patients the necessary comfort, convenience and safety. In this case, set quality standards must comply as various medical devices and other products, among which a special place a mattresses for medical beds. Treatment of […]

therapedic mattress innergy

Therapedic mattress will return comfortable rest to your life

Hurry up to change your bedding if you forgot what is a real rest – Therapedic mattress will return you the best relaxing nights you probably did not have before. The company has been providing market with the best stuff referring to therapeutic mattresses. It means using this most comfortable mattress you will not experience pains in back and in neck. You will forget what is to feel there is […]